«Process Automation» LLP (PA) was founded in 1998. It proposes to Customers solutions in the field of industrial automation in oil and gas, energy, mining, food and beverage sectors of economy. During this time PA has successfully developed and introduced into production a number of solutions using equipment manufactured in its own shops and products of Partners in the field of industrial automation.



Currently PA is successfully implementing new development programs. During this period of time PA has officially registered its trade marks, has obtained State License in the field of Technological Design in Oil and Gas Industry and State Licenses for Design and Construction Works, State License for the Work with Radioactive Materials. PA is accredited in accordance with international standards in the field of Quality Management ISO-9001, Environmental Protection Management ISO-14001, Health and Safety Management ISO 45001-2018.  

At present PA is completing the installation of equipment in its metrological laboratory and PA engineers contnue studies at different courses to get the status of Verifiers. These undertakings will allow PA to start a new stage of its development. 

PA has started production of electrical actuators (multi-turn and quarter-turn electrical actuators), first batches of electrical actuators have been already installed at Customers' enterprises. PA's pressure guages and thermometres are currently tested by metrological authorities. Prototypes of PA's Corilois Flow Meters and Ball Valves have been already developed and will be produced soon. 

To date PA has accomplished a big number of projects on automation of facilities in oil and gas, energy, mining and food and beverage sectors of economy. PA has established itself as technically qualified partner, reliable supplier of equipment, capable to provide original solutions in the field of control and automation of technological processes.