08 октября 2020, 14:33 :: просмотров: 24 :: Новости компании
State License "Handling radioactive substances, devices and installations..."

State Enterprise "Committee on Atomic Supervision and Control" of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan has issued to Process Automation LLP (PA) the State License "Handling radioactive substances, devices and installations containing radioactive substances". This License allows PA to significantly expand the range of services provided in the field of automation of technological processes in industry. In its activities, PA can use and supply instruments and installations containing radioactive substances, radioisotope spectrometers, analyzers, sensors, meters. PA has signed cooperation agreements with a number of manufacturers of such equipment and systems - world leaders in the field of radiometry application in the oil and gas and mining industries. Thus, PA covers the whole range of measurement solutions, equipment and devices in industry.

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