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SCADAbox - PA's product is already operating

PA has started to develop its own product - graphic interface SCADAbox - in 2017. It is a simple and comfortable way for project implementation. Interface of graphic design represents all necessary tools for the development and visualization of your process. Attachments are developed as one or several interactive icons, connected all together for the display of the menu, process imitators, status pages, etc. Each icon can contain controls elements ActiveX® and NET, images and built-in elements of the drawing SCADAbox. Integrated development and execution environments allow to insert changes in an online mode without any compilation or restart. One and the same mimic can be opened simulteniously in the developmen and execution mode. This allows to insert changes in real time mode.There are more that 7200 PNG images in SCADAbox library, about 1500 animated objects and more that 100 predefined patterns, which contain the developed vaiables, alarms, symbols, processing tresholds for the rapid start of projects. Modern animated 3D objects. Wide range of more than 60 built-in animations. Online operation possibility without necessity of compilation or restart. Development and display of the complete graphihc of movements of your processes. Reduction of time for the tuning and maintenance thanks to object-oriented approach. Time midification of execution for attachments of a high accessability. SCADAbox offers many instruments for the best execution of SCADA without any knowledge in the field of programming. Nevertheless, for the maximum flexibility SCADAbox also includes two comprehensive languages of scenarios - SCADA Basic and Microsoft ™ VBA Scripting. Control of geographic map. Displays interactive maps from major suppliers of maps -supported online and offline. Support of more that 50 map providers. Direct loading and rendering of GPX files - there is no necessity in import / export

Instruments for editing GPX files and development of map caches. The latest version of SCADAbox 12 (introduced in 2019) is operating on the following ОS: Clients' stations : Windows® 7, 8 and 8.1, 10 Professional and Enterprise. Server stations: Windows Server® 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012R2. SCADAbox is being developed with the utilization of integrated environment of Visual Studio. NET. Database of history of SCADAbox is supported in the latest versions of Microsoft® SQL Server ™: Microsoft® SQL Server ™ 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014. Wide selection of built-in communication drivers - more that 100. Built-in advanced functions (reserving, time stamping). Unique communication platform, which is suitable for any vertical market. High productivity and reliability. SCADAbox has been already installed in some oilfield in Atyrau oblast and judging upon veiws of operators - it is doing very well. There is a great interest in this product expressed by ERG, Energy and Food and Beverage Enterprozes. If you have any queries please contact us over - info@p-a.kz

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