Process Automation LLP is the official distributor of control measuring devices in the Republic of Kazakhstan of Flow Management Devices; Еndress+Нauser Instruments International AG; Canalta Flow Measurement; Ontrac; Pepperl +Fuchs; Meriam and others.

Process Automation has established itself on Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan's oil and gas market as technically qualified partner and a reliable supplier that can provide solutions in the field of automatisation, control and measurement of technological processes based on the equipment of the above mentioned companies. 

The developed and installed systems at numerous oil and gas fields, pipelines and processing plants have proved its viability and cost effectiveness.


The main objectives of the company are to increase process competence of production, provide safety, quality and efficiency of the technological process by introduction of advanced technologies and automation techniques.


Process Automation LLP engineers have completed specialized courses, are certified and experienced with the equipment of mentioned above companies.

Our substantial experience in the automation field of technical processes allows us to provide correct selection of equipment, timely and qualitative technical consultation and as to render service assistance. To perfrom and reach the highest standards of quality at design work the company is using the modern software "Solid Works" 3D.


Business Activities of the company are:

          -   Designing ( development of the complex-technical, engineering’s–technical documentation, which contains feasibility report, calculations,

               drawings, models, estimates and explanatory notes, which are necessary for manufacture of the equipment);

          -   Installation ( assembly, molding and installation of constructions, process equipment, components, machinery, instruments and other devices

               from  the finished parts, elements at operational phase of factory or object);        

          -   Repair of the chemical, oil and gas, power, explosion-proof electrical equipment, as well as vessels and pipelines operating at pressures above

               0,7/cm2 (diagnosis of preliminary condition, restoration of serviceability or working capacity of the technical device, replacement of elements,

               repairing, elimination of damages);     

          -   Calibration and proving of measuring instruments; graduation of reservoirs.     

All types of works and services are provided in accordance with international standards on quality ISO-9001, environment protection ISO-14001, safety and health protection OHSAS-18001.





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